Explore España: Segovia

One advantage of living in Madrid is the easy access to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites. Now that we’ve decided to go back south next school year, we plan on taking advantage of the little time we have here in the capital to see some of Spain’s most beautiful towns and cities. Most of them are close enough to visit, wander around, and still get back home in time to snuggle up in the comforts of my own bed.

Last October, on the first long weekend of the school year, the boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip to Segovia. We booked a one-day return trip from Madrid (Chamartin) which set us back 17 euros each. It’s usually just a 30-minute train from Madrid but the “regional” train costs 6€ instead of the usual 10. It takes forever, though (2 hours). Well, it’s not too long actually, it’s just knowing that a shortcut exists makes it slightly unbearable.segovia girl segovia aqueduct

Since this is another edition of Explore España, I’m gonna set the mood with a soupçon of Segovia’s history.

  • Segovia was founded by the Celts and later became a Roman settlement before it was ruled by the Visigoths and later, the Moors.
  • Moors, Christians, and Jews coexisted for a long period of time in the medieval city and worked together during the 16th-century manufacturing boom.
  • The Romans left a remarkable legacy in the form of an aqueduct. Other important monuments include the Alcázar and the Gothic cathedral.


After 2000 years, it’s quite amazing that this towering thing is still standing. The Romans who built this were so skilled that cement was not needed to hold the blocks together. It’s held together by balancing forces alone.segovia aqueductI love the golden hour and I live by it.segovia aqueduct segovia aqueduct magic hour

ALCÁZAR DE SEGOVIA (Segovia Fortress)

The castle was supposedly one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. From a certain angle, there’s a significant resemblance. The conical spires are dead on.segovia castleThe palace tour takes you to the rooms you’d expect to see in a castle – bedrooms, dining halls, chapel, armory, etc. A full ticket, which allows you to enter the palace, the artillery museum and climb the Tower of Juan II, costs 8€. For more information, go to their website.segovia castle alcázar museum artillery segovia castle alcázar segovia castle alcázar segovia castle alcázar garden


This was the last of the Gothic cathedrals to be built in Spain. Impressive architecture from the outside. That’s all we can say because we didn’t dare to set foot. Seeing the façade was enough for us because paying 3€ to enter a place of worship is bollocks.segovia cathedralFor a moment, we stayed put and settled in a nice bench in the Plaza Mayor. Just to appreciate the beauty of the cathedral across. plaza mayor segovia


We chanced upon this annual creative flea market that showcased local designers, gourmet food stalls, and vintage treasure. I wasn’t gonna put this on my list but the boyfriend and I have this natural gravitation towards anything offbeat or vintage so, there.

We could’ve easily stayed longer but we were able to see everything before 6 PM. We had two hours before our train left. We were dead tired and hungry and there was a Domino’s pizza near the train station. T H E R E F O R E, we turned to comfort food aka pizza buffet for sustenance. I can’t remember at which point somebody actually checked Google Maps to confirm if we’re on the right train station but long story short, there are 2 train stations in Segovia and we were in the wrong one! We had to take a cab to get there because the bus arrived every 30 minutes and we had less than that before the train departed. We got there just in time but let’s just say we’re not eating in a Domino’s pizza buffet ever again.

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