How to do Bali in 3 Days: Day 3
(Tirta Empul + Tegunungan Waterfall + Sanur Beach)

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We saved the best activities (or the ones that involve getting wet) in our itinerary for last. We were down to our last whole day in Bali and it hadn’t rain. We hit the road at our usual 10 AM call time and headed to our first destination: Tirta Empul Temple.

10. We had a sort of spiritual experience at the Tirta Empul Temple.

It was a bit of a long drive from Kuta to Tirta Empul Temple but I felt that our Bali trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting this place. It’s not like any other temple. It’s known for its holy waters where both the locals and tourists go for spiritual cleansing.

tirta empul temple holy waters

Tourists are allowed to dip in the spiritual pools and participate in the prayer rituals. Bring a towel or extra clothes if you decide to take a dip in the spiritual pools.tirta empul temple

Tourists who don’t wish to get wet are allowed to watch and take photos, which I find quite awkward. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with it if it’s done sensitively.

There’s a big and really cool koi pond inside.tirta empul temple koi pond

Entrance to the temple was 15.000 IDR ($ 1.11/ ₱ 50). This already includes the sarong rental.

11. We trekked down the Tegenungan Waterfall.

After our 40-minute drive from Tirta Empul Temple, our driver parked the van and we paid the relatively cheap 10.000 IDR ($ 0.74/ ₱ 34) entrance fee per person. There’s a small canteen before you start the mini trek that’s got a splendid view of the waterfall.tegenungan waterfall bali

If you don’t have the energy to walk up and down a flights of stairs or balance on some rocks and bamboo bridges, you can just stay here and have a drink. But if you went there specifically to get up close with the waterfall and take a dip then you have to do it. Coming from a person who is physically inept for anything related to trekking or hiking, I tell you it was totally worth it.tegenungan waterfall bali

12. We spent the afternoon relaxing at Sanur Beach.sanur beach bali

Sanur is your average beach. It can be a bit underwhelming but if you’re here to just relax, this is the perfect place. Not a lot of tourists compared to other beaches in Bali and there are lots of affordable beach restaurants and bars. Entrance to the beach is free but if you decide to rent a beach lounger, you can pay 50.000 IDR ($ 3.70/ ₱ 170) for the whole to do bali in 3 dayssanur beach bali

13. Finally, we spent our last night in Bali trying out some street food.

Touristy places tend to hike prices even for street food. So if you want to try a lot of them at their reasonable prices, then hit the night markets. On our way back from Sanur Beach to our villa in Kuta, we passed by a market to eat some for dinner.

All of these skewers and iced tea for 45.000 IDR ($ 3.33/ ₱ 152).bali street food

Chili corn for 5.000 IDR ($ 0.37/ ₱ 17).bali chili corn

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