How to do Bali in 3 Days: Day 2
(Ubud + Taman Ayun + Tanah Lot)

If you missed Day 1 of our Bali trip, you may click here to catch up.

We’re now on our second day and down with my 5th travel tip on how to do Bali in 3 days and on a budget.

5. We visited the cheeky monkeys of Bali at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

From our AirBnb resort in Kuta, Agus drove us more than an hour to Ubud. I don’t know but monkeys seem to be a big deal in nature tourism here in Southeast Asia. I wasn’t really looking forward to visiting this park but when I got there and saw all the peaceful lush greenery they had going on, I thought to myself it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually pretty cool how the monkeys have the freedom to interact with humans and even steal stuff from them. monkey ubud forest

A few tips to avoid monkey mischief:

1. Don’t bring any food or water bottles inside. Monkeys have an impeccable sense of smell and you can’t even hide unopened food from them. We saw one monkey steal a banana from a guy’s pocket.

2. This is not exclusive to food. Zip up your bags ’cause these monkeys know how to work them and steal small stuff from them. One stole a lip balm from a girl’s bag. Good thing, they were able to get it back.

3. Never panic if a monkey jumps on you. Most are just friendly encounters and they will jump off when they’re done with you. If you panic and try to shoo them off, there’s a higher risk that they will attack you.

monkey ubud forest bali

One ticket costs 30.000 IDR ($  2.25/₱ 102).monkey ubud sacred forest

6. We put our haggling skills to the test at the Ubud Art Market.

If you’re on a hunt for cheap Balinese art pieces, this is the place to be. But it’s not just an art market, they sell all kinds of stuff from souvenirs to cheap clothing.ubud art market

It would be stupid to accept the first price and after all, you are expected to haggle. There is no fixed price in these kinds of markets and they try to take advantage of tourists who don’t know the actual prices. It’s not so different with the markets here in the Philippines so I have an idea more or less how much they actually cost. I go at about half the asking price and if they say no, I smile, say “Okay, thanks” and head to the next store. This is a tried-and-tested trick, they will surely follow you and finally agree with your price.

7. We had Balinese food for lunch at Gedong Sisi Warung.
Gedong Sisi Warung

Just across the Ubud market, along the busy Ubud main street is this quaint Balinese restaurant. Food wasn’t too expensive and they had quite a variety on their menu. Our lunch for two was 260.000 IDR ($ 20/ ₱ 880) – the ubiquitous nasi goreng (fried rice) with skewered shrimps, pork and chicken satay and fruit juice.Gedong Sisi Warung

8. We stopped by the Taman Ayun Temple for a quick peek.

It was along our way from Ubud to Tanah Lot so we said okay why not pop in for 30 minutes. It’s a peaceful place with not a lot of tourists so a quick visit would be a good idea if you want some quiet alone time.taman ayun temple

Entrance to the temple is 15.000 IDR ($ 1.12/ ₱ 50).taman ayun temple

9. We went to the Tanah Lot Temple to witness its highly-raved sunset.tanah lot beach

We went there at around 4:30 in the afternoon and paid 30.000 IDR ($ 2.25/ ₱ 100) to get in. Before you get to the beach and the temple, you have to pass through a street with all these souvenir shops which were too commercial for my taste. But anyway, what’s new.

Good thing, there are no more of those when you get to the coast. Yes, it was still packed with tourists but the place was huge, you can find a quiet place to sit and watch the sunset (and a place to take photos without anyone photobombing).tanah lot temple sunset

We waited more than an hour to catch the sunset. It was worth it and certainly did not disappoint. Everything was just so picturesque.tanah lot sunset gorgeous

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