Life in Spain (in a nutshell): 9-month Update

It’s summer right now so school’s out. That means vegging out, binge-watching series and unlimited siesta. It’s also my 9th monthsary of living here in Spain, my second home. Once every three months, I overshare about my life here abroad. So if you’re curious how much I’ve been sucking/succeeding at adulting, read on.

UNO. Trips to Córdoba and Jaén. As of today, I’ve been to 6/8 of Andalucía’s provinces.

DOS. My first stint as an auxiliar de conversación ended last May. I’m gonna miss some of them stinkin’ cute kids but on the last day I be like…BYE FELICIA!

TRES. I had to say goodbye to my tiny pueblo too. I’m having some major peace, quietness and sunset withdrawals now.DSCF1291

CUATRO. I turned 25 last June and the boyfriend booked a hotel room for us near Playa Guadalmar. Staycation birthday celebrations are the best. One whole day of hanging out poolside, eating out and snuggling in bed.hotel tryp guadalmar birthday beach swimming pool guadalmar

CINCO. We visited the town of San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella, 60 km to the east of Málaga capital. Little beknownst to many, this pueblo has been colonized by Filipinos. There’s at least 4 Pinoy stores and one restaurant, whose karaoke game is quite strong.

SEIS. I’m (f)unemployed! and I’m trying to survive the summer vacation paycheck gap. It’s tough to get cash-in-hand jobs during summer, at least in my city.

SIETE. My Spanish family adopted this poor Asian kid for the whole summer. I’m so grateful that the boyfriend’s family has been nothing but amazing. I miss mine back home but it’s wonderful having another one here who loves me as one of theirs.

OCHO. At the expense of my nesting stage, I destroyed my boyfriend’s man cave. Thanks IKEA and Tiger! nesting ikea tiger nesting ikea tiger

NUEVE. I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands and I’ve been filling it by dabbling with Illustrator, working on my fonts, biking and doing Wii workouts from time to time.

DIEZ. I renewed for a second year for the Auxiliares de Conversación program but in a different province – in Madrid!!! We’re pretty excited. I’m not going to be in Andalucía for the time being but I won’t stop being an andalusian bitch. Lel.


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