Life in Spain (in a nutshell):
6-month Update

Jeez, has it been really more than 6 months already? This school year has been truly zipping by so fast (ok, some days have been quite of a slog). And so, I’m back for my mandatory quarterly update of my life here in Spain. In the last six months, the following has happened.

UNO. Trips to Berlin, Paris, Belgium and Italy. And I complain why I’m always cash-strapped haha.

DOS. My first Reyes Magos, the holiday 12 days after Christmas to celebrate the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem with gifts. Instead of Santa Claus, these three guys are the ones who give gifts to kids and adults alike. I received presents!!! and got to try Roscón de Reyes, the yummy traditional cake during this holiday (with tiny surprises inside).reyes magos roscon de reyes

TRES. I’ve been quite busy in the afternoons with my private English classes. I currently have 5 kids in primary, 2 teens and 3 adults under my wing. I enjoy my classes especially with the little ones. Some of them can be brats sometimes but they’re all-around adorable tiny little people.

CUATRO. I’m now my boyfriend’s favorite cook. I’ve been turning him Asian and he’s loving it. His favorite dishes are sinigang, afritada, pancit bihon and palabok. Good thing there are Oriental supermarkets in nearby towns, Torremolinos and Fuengirola.

CINCO. Speaking of the boyps, we had our first Valentines date. I for one am not a romantic but I must admit I had fun with our little surprise gifts and expensive dinner.

SEIS. We now have a Wii in our apartment so here’s me dancing in my jammies.wii jammies just dance

SIETE. I realized I’m not mature enough to teach Reproductive System because I had to make an effort to keep myself from laughing with the kids when they hear the word ‘semen’.

OCHO. My students think that my impromptu blackboard drawings look better than those in their books. Kids, aren’t you too young to kiss ass?

NUEVE. Spain now has Netflix. No, we don’t really need it because we can download movies and series for free. We were fine living without it for how many years. We could use that 8 euros per month for groceries. But we can’t seem to let go of it. #sorrynotsorry

DIEZ. I’m signing up for another year (at least) but in a different region. I don’t know where yet but I’m gonna be saying goodbye to Andalucía for a while.


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